Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Senior Connections

Farmingdale Public Library

Newsletter Topic of The Month

July / August  2015

Using Medicines Wisely

Medicines, if taken properly and as directed, can treat health problems and presumably help you lead a better life.  The key words in the prior sentence are "if taken properly and as directed".If this advice is not followed , medicines, which are sometimes very costly, can be harmful to your health.  The U.S. FDA has several publications concerning the use and charting of your medicines.

To review or obtain a copy of these free publications, visit and in the "Enter Search Text" box enter these two numbers separately, 6078 and 5878, or visit us at the OUTREACH SERVICES room during days and hours as posted in the Library Newsletter

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Senior Connections
Farmingdale Public Library
Newsletter Topic of The Month
May/ June 2015

Tackling Sleep Problems

U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a brief publication titled "SLEEP PROBLEMS'.
It discusses four common sleep problems: insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea and feeling sleepy during the day. Also describes treatment options and tips for better sleep.

To obtain a copy of the publication, visit  Click on "Medical Problems", then on "Sleep Problems", or visit us at OUTREACH SERVICES room during hours/days posted in newsletter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Senior Connections
Farmingdale Public Library

Topic of the Month
March-April 2015 Newsletter


This publication was issued by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to help older adults make informed decisions and protect their assets. Information in this publication includes:
  • Fifteen Tips for Protecting your Finances
  • How Older Adults Can Steer Clear of Scam Artists
  • Borrowing from your Home in Retirement
  • Tips for Seniors Wanting to Help Relatives
  • And More
To obtain this publication, go to and click on "Money" to view online or order in print.
You can also visit us in Outreach Services room to obtain a copy.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farmingdale Public Library

Topic of the Month
January-February 2015 Newsletter

"DOCUMENTS TO SHARE" (with family members)

In a recent New York Times publication, we downloaded a segment of an article pertaining to sharing documents. It provides a list of documents prepared by "advisers" suggesting sharing them with family members, such as, Wills or Living Trusts, Retirement and Pension accounts, and others.This document sharing would entrust family members to take appropriate actions upon one's disability or death. Compliance with any or all items listed will depend on each family situation, i.e. immediate family or other relatives.

To obtain a copy of the listing, go to, or visit us at the Outreach Services room in the library.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Senior Connections
Farmingdale Public Library
                    Topic of the Month
November/December 2014 Newsletter

Cyber Tips for Older Americans

This past summer Newsday printed an article encouraging older Internet users to obtain help regarding safety in cyberspace. This topic of the month is our way of reinforcing this all important means of protection against cyber crimes.
Anyone who uses the Internet has encountered suspicious websites or received suspicious emails. Many scammers hope to snare older adults on the assumption they are easy prey.
A free brochure from the Department of Homeland Security can help you spot online scams and avoid bad medical advice from self-proclaimed online experts whose information might be inaccurate or harmful. "Cyber Tips for Older Americans"can be downloaded at

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Senior Connections
Farmingdale Public Library
September-October 2014 Newsletter
Topic of the Month


Did you know that 1 in 4 deaths in the United States each year is a result of heart disease? Don't become a statistic! Take charge of your heart health by learning how to tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol -- two factors that contribute to heart disease.

A free packet of publications is available online from FDA-Office of Women's Health or at the library "Outreach Services" room 10am - 12 noon Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You'll get tips and advice on healthy ways to manage your blood pressure and cholesterol and learn about medicines that help as well. Each packet contains:

*High Blood Pressure (Fact Sheet)

*Cholesterol (Fact Sheet)

*High Blood Pressure - Medicines to Help

*My Medicines

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



My wife and I spent two wonderful weeks in Florida in April. However, that is where the good part of this story ends.
On April 15th, Tuesday, we were scheduled to fly back to New York. Shortly after our arrival at the airport in Florida, airline passengers were notified that there would be a delay in departure due to strong winds at JFK. Subsequently, there were several more delays at which point seven hours had passed and still no firm direction on departure time. It was now early evening, when we began to notice luggage being removed from our plane. We followed the lead, had our luggage removed and rescheduled our flight for 9:55 am on following day (Wednesday).We called a relative who lived in the area and asked if she would pick us up and stay at her home for the night. She came to the rescue. There were two drawbacks to this arrangement, however 1) two cats reside in house and 2) relative is a chain smoker. I am allergic to fur bearing animals and smoke. I thought I could bear it for a night but experienced discomfort.
The following morning (Wednesday), we checked the airline and learned that our 9:55 am flight was cancelled due to windy, icy and snowy conditions at JFK. We then rescheduled for 9:55 am flight (Thursday) to JFK. We stayed another night at our relative’s home. On Thursday, we departed on schedule and the flight was smooth (finally a positive to our travel).
For each flight cancellation, we informed our reserved limo service to postpone transportation back home. Upon arriving at home via limo, we paid the driver including a tip. Oh, but the driver had a higher charge on his smartphone which absorbed his tip. He approached me while I was pulling luggage to my front door and said: “You didn’t give me a tip”. At this point, I pulled out my reservation printout and showed him the amount quoted to me weeks earlier. The problem: limo service had considered my “postponements”  as “cancellations” and rates had increased. After arguing on the phone with the limo office, I hung up in a huff and gave the driver his tip.
On top of getting home two days later and other inconveniences, we had to lug four pieces of luggage, two weighing 40 lbs each and two carryons. What a trip!
As I said at the outset, we had a wonderful vacation in Florida but then………….

·    0   Always check airline departure schedule before leaving for airport
·    0   Keep van/limo service informed of flight delays and cancellations and confirm quoted fee
·    0   Keep in touch with airline gate attendant regarding options available for alternate travel plan, if needed
·    0   When packing, consider time away and availability of washer/dryer to lighten luggage load
·    0   Be sure to bring extra  regular medication and also those needed in event of allergic reactions